Fundraising Solutions Provided by Coast to Coast Concierge

Let the C3 fundraising program help you with your next fundraiser! By revolutionizing fundraising for the 21st century, we can help you reach your goals like no one else.

We make fundraising easy. With limitless savings from over 10,000 local and national brands and more than 700,000 discounts and deals, who wouldn’t buy it!

Raising money for your school, church, sports team, charity, or any other cause has never been easier!

  • You are never charged a cent
  • You have access to our proprietary fundraising program, giving you and your supporters a custom online experience tailored specifically to your needs
  • Example: for every 1 Year C3 membership sold by your organization, we will donate $20 directly back to you*

Sell 50 memberships x $20 = $1,000
Sell 500 memberships x $20 = $10,000
Sell 5,000 memberships x $20 = $100,000

Imagine if each member of your organization only sold 10 memberships, what would your totals look like?

Ask about our residual income program for repeat customers! Wouldn’t it be nice to have a check waiting for you before you even kick off your next fundraiser?

We are here to assist fundraising groups in size from 1 to over 1,000,000, so contact us today for more information on how we can help you fundraise in today’s unique environment!

* Profit percentage may vary slightly depending on territory and products purchased.

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